all in a week

I'm switching gears this weekend and shifting into four year old party mode. I'll be making cupcakes and macaroni and cheese and decorating the house once again. My son LOVES decorations. He's always asking, "will there be decorations?" I'm not really sure what he is expecting (will a few balloon and streamers do or is he hoping for a full blown Martha Stewart-like extravaganza...I think I might have mentioned something about how I would love to cover the ceiling in old fishing nets...that's not happening! Hope he isn't disappointed.) I'll have a little taste of it for you on Monday. b38e451c43d011e2900e22000a1f96c7_7

I collaborated with photographer Sian Richards again this week to pull together a little winter food shoot. I'll have the full post for you in the coming weeks.


We made that Nigel Slater chicken dish I promised to share with you. It's a perfect meal to eat on a cold evening.


Our Christmas tree is sporting a suzani tree skirt this year. Normally I use burlap but couldn't find my stash in the basement so I quickly wrapped this around instead. I kind of like how it looks!


I picked these red berries up on a walk I took with Orla. Their Christmasy in a quiet kind of way.



And then this happened late last night! Does this happen to you when you're Christmas shopping for others? Uh oh!

Have a good weekend!