all in a week

My head has been overflowing with ideas lately for the blog. From posts I want to do to changes that I would like to make to the overall look and structure of it. This is a good thing! There have been times in the past year when I have felt overwhelmed and a little discouraged by blogging. There were many nights after extremely long weeks when I would open my computer at 10 o'clock at night and wonder what I was going to post about. Not so anymore! Anyways here is a little of my past week.

We took a visit down to The Distillery District in Toronto on the weekend. The Soma Chocolate store is my idea of heaven on earth. I can never decide what to buy because I want it all!

Sunday was marked with a visit to the Junction Flea and an excursion to Value Village. Above is my haul from the two locations.

On Monday I visited L'Ouvrier restaurant to interview designer Courtney Wotherspoon. I'll have that post for you in the coming weeks.

A moment of quietness. Orla toes.

Finally this delicious Winter Chicken dish I made from Nigel Slater's Appetite book. I had so many people ask my about this recipe (I couldn't find one online) that I will make it for the blog in the coming weeks.

Enjoy your weekend!