all in a week

Some scenes from the week and a couple from last (since I failed to get to this post last Friday!)

Late last week I worked on my third Christmas shoot. I'm hoping enough time will pass between now and December 25th that I actually feel like decorating my own house for the holidays!

We turned our clocks back on the weekend which meant a few very early mornings for us.

Succotash - one of my favorite dishes especially when it is made with fresh fava beans.

Do you know what these things are? Neither did I. Apparently they are called Osage Oranges. They have the most amazing citrus smell to them.

Inke Heiland the Dutch company behind the tree and elephant murals in Orla's room sent me this chandelier the other day. I'm already planning on how to incorporate it into the nursery.

Speaking of Orly here she is. Her hair is getting a little longer and she's really wanting to sit up on her own. I imagine in a few weeks time she will be there.