all in a week

This week started off with another Christmas shoot at our house. If you have any need for a real Christmas tree I now have two in my backyard (one large and one small) along with a Christmas wreath, an assortment of evergreen branches and one fresh bay leaf garland. I only wish Christmas was around the corner so I could put this stuff to good use! Alas, it is Halloween we need to prepare for so I'm off to the basement to pull out my witches and goblins. I'm also thinking of heading off to a pumpkin or apple farm this weekend. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

The fresh bay leaf garland I made myself. It was approximately 6 feet long and required me to wire each bay leaf on individually. While it took some time it was wonderfully satisfying to see it go up.

I'm super excited to see how the photographs for this shoot turn out since the photographer (Mark Peckmezian) used an old Polaroid camera to shoot everything. He disappeared behind his black hood for every shot.

On Wednesday night I continued with my Fibre Arts class at Smock Cafe. I brought my mum along who is out visiting and we had a great time. This week we learned out to block print tea towels.

Orla in another one of my vintage dresses from the Seventies. She's on the mend but still has a terrible cough that wakes her (and me!) up throughout the night. I hope she gets better soon.

Finally I got together with another friend yesterday to shoot some photos of this Saffron Pear Upside Down Cake. Look out for the post in the coming weeks.