all in a week

On Monday it was Canadian Thanksgiving which made it a short work week. It also completely messed me up as I could never remember what day we were on! Does that happen to you? By the way, I did manage to get a chicken in the oven for Thanksgiving and last night I made a delicious Mexican stew served with corn tortillas and fresh avocados with the leftovers.

The week started off with a Christmas/Hanukkah photo shoot in my house for Today's Parent. You can see the real Christmas tree I chopped down by myself (!) peeking around the corner.

Orla. Enough said. My little golden girl was a bit sick this week. All runny eyes and snotty nose.

I had a bunch of leftover croissants from the photo shoot and some pumpkins so I made pumpkin bread pudding on Saturday morning. I'll share the recipe in the coming weeks.

I also got up to drying about 50 orange slices. They're for another Christmas photo shoot happening next week.

Finally it was week two of my fibre arts class at Smock Cafe. We made felt bowls. The process was completely unexpected to me. I don't know what I thought we would be doing but I certainly didn't think I would be lathering up wool fibres all night long! I came home smelling like I had washed a dozen sheep! I love my new bowl though.