all in a week

By the time today is over I will have celebrated both Halloween and Christmas this week. Well..not quite celebrated but definitely prepared for! Between shoots for HGTV and Today's Parent I will have knocked off two major holidays in one swift blow. Now I just have to get ready for the real celebration facing Canadians this weekend - Thanksgiving. For us, it might be nothing more than a plate of oysters - something easy. I can't quite face the prospect of a turkey after this week!

Here's a sneak peak of a little of what we got up to for the HGTV Halloween shoot. The moment I saw that John Derian pirate flag I knew we had to incorporate it somehow.

Ready for fall? These two certainly were. I couldn't resist snapping a shot of their well thought out threads.

My trusty sidekick putting her feet up for a few moments. She's in love with the shadows the big oak outside our house dances across the walls.

I started taking an introductory fibre arts class at Smock Cafe for adults namely because I wanted to learn the Japanese dyeing method of Shibori. We used real indigo dye which was a treat. Apparently it can only be bought in one place in Canada. Next week we learn to felt a bowl!

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without a real evergreen tree so I drove out to the country and convinced a tree farm to let me take down a tree. Coming to a magazine cover near you soon!