a tangled tale

Braided, woven, plaited, twisted, intertwined. Whatever you call it , you can’t escape it at the moment. Whether it’s in your hair, a basket on your floor, a bird’s nest in your tree (artificial or oiseau made) or hanging from your ceiling it is sure to add some texture and knottiness to your life. Personally, I'm hoping to learn how to create at least one good plaited hairstyle this summer without looking like Heidi or Pippi Longstocking. Oh and I wouldn't mind that amazing loopy coiled ottoman from Thomas Eyck.

Check out these ropey finds…Ulrika Kestere via still dottie

t.e. 79 by christien meindertsma for thomas eyck

Bimini Pendant Lamp from Anthropologie

Plaited Nesting Container (for the birds) by Manufactum. Woven nesting chair (for the humans) via circle a line.

Flat Braided Jute Rug and Beachcomber Baskets at Pottery Barn

t.e. 83 by christien meindertsma for thomas eyck

Coiled Rope Knot from Anthropologie