a little of what i got up to

Just a quick note to say I'm back! I'm still trying to get everything organized this morning so this post will be short and sweet. My trip out west was a combination of work and pleasure but it mainly involved relaxing. Many days were spent doing nothing more than this

or this.

Needless to say there was lots of ice cream involved!

The little bit of work I had to do saw me visiting Vancouver where I looked in on a office project my design partner and I are working on. It is still in the final stages of completion with some of the furniture still waiting to be delivered but I did manage to grab a few photos of work in progress. I love the way this shimmery wallpaper turned out in the boardroom.

It shifts and changes with the Vancouver sunlight and is really beautiful to behold.

Also, a big thanks to Jenn and Melis for the guest posts they did for me. I really appreciate them taking the time to help me out.

How about you any plans for summer getaways?