happy first birthday orla

It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago that Orla entered our lives. 12monthsorlaIt was a hot and muggy day in Toronto not that different from today. I went about my day as usual had a quick visit with my midwives at their clinic (I was 3 days overdue) and picked up some groceries. Around 5:30 pm I picked up Henry from daycare and walked home to make dinner. We sat down to a lovely dinner of penne with prosciutto and peas. As we were finishing up I felt what I know now was a contraction. (I had to be induced with Henry.) It was about 7:00 pm. I continued to wash dishes and tidy up when I felt a few more contractions. I didn't think anything of it but luckily my husband did. He insisted we call our midwives and tell them what was happening. They decided to come by and see what was going on and thank goodness they did because Orla was born a mere hour later at 8:18 pm upstairs in our bedroom! By 11 pm we were all tucked in bed and ready for sleep.

Tonight I'm going to make that same pasta again but we'll finish it off some celebratory cupcakes instead!

We love you baby Orla.


happy valentine's day

Share the love! If you're like me and have small children than you probably spent the past week writing Valentine's day cards and making treats for tomorrow's class. My sweet four year old refused to put his name on any of the cards I handmade so the effort was all mine. I hope his classmate's like them! For treats, I decided to go a little sweet and a little wholesome - chocolate dipped strawberries. Actually I have to give all the credit to my husband who bought all the ingredients late last night and hand dipped each one himself. That's true love. valentine moodboard-1


(I shot this Valentine's Day moodboard for HGTV. Head over there to read the post!)

janet bailey photography

I've had the pleasure of knowing Janet since I moved to Toronto almost ten years ago. Early on she was a big supporter of me helping me out with a litany of different side jobs and summer schemes (cupcake baker, photo shoot caterer, food stylist, etc) that helped me get through interior design school. When I first met Janet she was a commercial photographer shooting everything from editorial shoots for the likes of Chatelaine and Flare to advertising jobs for clients like Pepsi.

A few years ago, Janet took a break from photography to start a family. As her son got older she realized she missed it but wanted to carve out a business that would suit her and her family. She decided that shooting babies, children and families would be her focus and she asked me whether or not I would be willing to sit for a session. Of course, I said yes!


Janet first took some shots of me when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. I love how she captured these moments between Henry and I before Orla came along. At this point, he was still my baby!


She returned nine days after Orla was born and took these precious shots of her. She was an excellent model and slept through the entire shoot! Looking at these shots of her I'm reminded of those little feet and elbows poking me throughout my pregnancy.

I feel so fortunate to have these major milestones in my family's life documented. This time passes in such a blur. The days and nights are long but the months fly by so fast. I can't believe that it was almost four months ago that Orla came into our lives. I can't thank Janet enough for capturing a few of these intimate moments for us.

To see more photos from my shoots with Janet and to see the rest of her portfolio check out her new website.

orla's birth announcement

You're probably like me and never win anything. It doesn't matter how many contests I enter I never seem to come out the bearer of the prize. That was, until I entered a giveaway on the Bloesem Kids blog. Lo and behold, my name was selected. And what did I win? Beautiful, custom, letter-pressed birth announcements from Egg Press in Portland, Oregon. The timing couldn't have been better!

I chose the Climbing Buds design in yellow (for my golden girl) with grey type in Futura font. The people over at Egg Press were a pleasure to work with.

Egg Press was started in 1999 by Tess Darrow and has since been called upon by companies like Nike, Herman Miller, MoMA and Apple to design things for them. If you're looking for custom letter press work or in-stock cards and stationery you should have a peek at their work.

I never got around to doing birth announcements with Henry so I'm very happy to have these. With email and facebook becoming our main avenues of communication it seems handing out cards like these is becoming rarer and rarer. Did you hand out birth announcements for your children? Is it something you would consider doing?