52 objects - no. 46

Last night, I was looking through the Vanity Fair website when I came across a post titled, "My Most Treasured Object". The article tells the story of decorating doyenne, Bunny William's, favourite thing , a murano crystal and sterling silver turtle. She states in the post, "over the years you collect so many things that you love. You look at them and you think, I really adore this. I don't change things very often, but my most treasured possession is one of the newest things I have purchased." I was hoping to discover more of these posts since the header stated that this was a new series that would ask taste-makers what object in their possession they treasured most and why. Alas, I couldn't find anymore. Let me know, if you manage to track down more of them.

Below is one of my fifty-two most treasured possessions!