52 objects - no.21

The art of the deal of should it be steal? I can't resist a good bargain, I admit it. If I find something that is on sale especially one of those humdinger, super marked down, once in a lifetime deals I'll more than likely to buy it even if I don't really need the object. I can think of a few things in our house that we got for a steal; our coffee table for one. We bought that at a local store called Commute Home about 6 years ago. It actually belonged to someone else first but they didn't like it and returned it to the store. Since Commute mainly deals in custom made and one of a kind objects they resold it to us for a song.

Oftentimes, I find "the deal" so compelling that you can't think or talk about the object without recounting the tale of how you acquired it. The object becomes a symbol of not only your good taste but also your superior shopping skills! Do you have any great deals or fantastic finds in your house? Do you find yourself recounting the story of how you got your hands on it?

Below is object number 20 in my quest to document my life in 52 Objects. It's one of my best steals!