52 objects - a year later

When I started this project a year ago I asked you to imagine the following scenario: Years from now someone comes across a box full of your possessions and tries to piece together a story of the person you were. Maybe this box contains photographs, books, personal documents, clothing, cutlery, ticket stubs or even a packet of gum. What would those objects say about you? Would they tell an accurate history of your life? What story would they tell?

It's an interesting question. From my objects you could probably decipher that I'm a mother, someone who liked to cook, a wife, someone who appreciated the fine, handcrafted details of things, a traveller, a collector and an art lover. My objects could also tell you what I am not; a sports enthusiast, an artist, a musician, a scientist.

Fifty two objects is a lot of things. From doing this series, I learned that you actually don't need much in life. I think five objects would do - at the most ten. I've learned that the most important objects to me are the ones that remind me of times spent with others, journey's I've taken, lessons I've learned, or places I've been. All those activities are free. The object is just a catalyst for the memory.

This series (and blog) have also taught me about the great pleasure that can be derived from simply creating. Taking the time to write and take photographs and think has brought meaning and purpose back to my life.  For that, I am thankful.