Amy's Bedroom Makeover

About 4 months ago, I wrote a post about re-styling my bedroom.  I wanted a relaxing, clutter-free space that incorporated my love for soft neutrals, black and white and graphic pattern. Since I received several comments and suggestions, I wanted to share what I came up with!

I was working on a very small budget so I decided to re-purpose items I already had in my home.  The side table was a thrift store find and the picture above the bed was a photo my husband took while we were in Hawaii.  The only new items we purchased were the Ikea lamps, new sheets and a few accessories.

The 2 throw pillows were pieces I designed in collaboration with a social enterprise called Spun Studio (link: They specialize in textile and needlework crafts that support homeless and low income women in Toronto.

I found a monogram napkin on a trip to NYC and framed it to add a graphic element to the room.

I love how it turned out and I'm happy to say I'm sleeping much better these days!

Heart Home Magazine - Shopping and Eating In Toronto

Back when I first started blogging in 2010 I met many fascinating people from around the world who were as obsessed with as interiors I was. We were all navigating the somewhat new world of blogging together and learning as we went. Not surprisingly, many of those friends have gone to very interesting careers in the world of design. Every now and then, an email will pop up in my mailbox saying, "Remember me..." and of course I do. A few months ago, I received such an email from Carole King a blogging friend from England. Carole runs a blog called Dear Designer's as well as the online magazine Heart Home. Carole was looking for a city review of Toronto for the September issue of Heart Home Magazine and I was happy to oblige.

Photos, Kristin Sjaarda

Photos, Kristin Sjaarda

Kristin Sjaarda (photographer) and I came up with a list of our favourite places and then she hit the road to photograph each one. We decided since Toronto is made up of many small neighbourhoods to concentrate on one stand-out spot in a few choice hoods. 

Coriander Girl, Hoi Bo, Tabule Restaurant and Type Books made our list. A small but sweet selection of some of the finest Toronto has to offer.

Heart Home Magazine publishes a different city review each month in the magazine. When I'm travelling I always find these kinds of reviews so much better than the ones you find in travel books or guides. Unfortunately it seems the hidden gems of a city never make it into those publications.

To read my quick review of Toronto head over to Heart Home

Do you have a go-to source for local travel reviews?

More Winter Coats

It's getting cold out there and I still haven't found a winter coat. Time is running out! In a last ditch attempt to make up my mind I'm asking for you advice. Which one of these would you choose?

UPDATE: I bought a new coat just in the nick of time. I picked up this beauty at All Saints. Even better it was 20% off! Thanks for everyone's comments and help!

DIY - Jewelry Holder

Today, Amy from Love on Sunday has an easy DIY you could make this weekend. It's the perfect time of year to find some branches for this kind of project. Take it away, Amy!

After taking a stroll in the park one afternoon, I picked up a few branches because I just loved their colour and texture.  With some extra yarn and a few nails, I managed to create a simple and functional jewelry holder.

I decided to go with black, white and grey yarn but you can pretty much use whatever colour you wish.  Fluorescent colours would look beautiful as well.  

I simply tied a knot on one end and started wrapping the yarn around different areas of the branch.

To hold it in place, I used 2 nails to secure it to the wall.  If you have heavier pieces, you may want to secure the branch with hooks.

I love the juxtaposition of the soft yarn against the rough edges of the branch.  It adds a nice organic element to my bedroom and also keeps my necklaces from getting tangled up!

And because most of these pieces hold sentimental value, I love seeing them on display.  - Amy.