We're building a garage

I'm about to embark on the first major project on our house in years -- we're going to finally build a garage. Quell your excitement! I know garages are probably the least exciting project to undertake on a house (next to fixing the roof) but I've actually found the  process so far pretty inspiring. Perhaps that's because I'm thinking of the garage as less a place to store a car and more as a place to live out all my studio and garden fantasies. We're in the very early stages of the project. We've signed a contract with an architect and we're starting to visualize what this garage might look like.

perfect pairs

Today I'm back with a set of inspiring colour pairs.  I find this such a fun exercise because it allows me to see similarities and different colour combinations that I typically wouldn't combine together.  Black and yellow is a striking combination but beautiful against natural wood and light colours.  Do you have a favourite pair below? - Amy 

Sebastian Cox Kitchen - deVOL

Sebastian Cox is a British designer who works entirely with sustainable woods. His latest venture is a collaboration with English furniture manufacturer's deVOL. The kitchen is a mix of both Sebastian and deVOL's passion -- good taste, modern innovation, and traditional techniques.  British grown timbers are used throughout with birch plywood carcasses and doors made from sustainable timbers such as beech and ash. An inky blue/black dye which stains the wood was used in place of paint which allows the texture of the wood to play a central role. Solid oak was use for the countertops. 

Sebastian Cox says: "The whole kitchen is designed to look like it breathes. Together we've created something that feels clean, simple and light but is brimming with subtle texture to keep the choice of material front of mind."

Pity, it's not available in Canada. 

To see more of this kitchen including a video of the above cabinet being made check out deVOL kitchens.

I feel like the ubiquitous all-white interior is always on trend but I see a black wall somewhere in my near future.  Perhaps I'm afraid of the dark or I just can't commit.  I know it's no new thing, but I've been thinking about a black wall for years.  The question is, will it be in the bedroom or the bathroom?  Below are some of my favourites.  Do you have a fave? Or better yet, have you gone to the dark side? - Amy



1. via Ollie and Seb's Haus

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