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Choosing paint isn't easy. I know that first hand. With so many colours to choose from it can be difficult nailing down the perfect paint shade for your home. However, the more time you spend with paint decks the easier it becomes.

One of the highlights of my job as an exhibition designer at The Art Gallery of Ontario was choosing the wall colours for different art shows. The art would often dictate what colour we chose but there was always a bit of leeway. We would use paint to evoke a particular emotion or mood. After seven years of doing that job I got to try out hundreds of paint colours as a result I have a pretty good understanding of what shades work best. 

Over the next 7 weeks I'm going to be sharing that knowledge with you. Every Thursday evening from 6-8 pm I'll be teaming up with CIL and Home Depot to offer free paint consultations. (If you aren't in the Toronto area check the CIL website for another Decor Expert in your region.) Below is my schedule:

Toronto Stockyards - 2121 St. Clair Ave. West

Toronto Gerrard Square - 1000 Gerrard Street East

Toronto Leaside - 101, Wicksteed Ave

Toronto Curity - 7 Curity Avenue

Scarborough Ellesmere - 428 Ellesmere Road

Eglinton East - 2911 Eglinton Avenue East

Etobicoke South - 193 North Queen Street

I hope to see you. Bring photographs of your rooms, fabric swatches, inspiration images or anything else that will make the consultation more valuable. And have your questions ready! I'm excited to see your home projects and to be a part of it.

What's inspiring me

Every now and then a person comes along that totally captures my attention. I've read a few pieces lately about the new Design Director over at Tiffany's, Francesca Amfitheatrof, and I have to say I'm intrigued. 

Flora Hanitijo

Flora Hanitijo

It might be the fact that she grew up in Tokyo, Rome, Moscow, Manhattan, and London. The result of a father who was a Time magazine bureau chief who toured the world for work and an Italian mother who did the same as a public relations executive at Valentino and Armani.

Photographs: Alpha Smoot. Jewelry: Marko Metzinger.

Photographs: Alpha Smoot. Jewelry: Marko Metzinger.

It might be the fact that she has designed a new collection for Tiffany, "The T Collection" that is both witty and beautifully simple. I can imagine wearing one of those gold bangles everyday. Or how about the "Smile" necklace below made of an elongated "T" shape.

Photographs: Alpha Smoot. Jewelry: Joshua Scott.    

Photographs: Alpha Smoot. Jewelry: Joshua Scott.



It might just be that she still does all her own sketches by hand a process that roots her designs in the human touch which I think comes across in the work. Finally there are the hints of her sophisticated taste in the clothes she wears and the snippets of her rented home in Brooklyn, a place she chose because it reminded her of East London and her desire to be around creative people.

Whatever it is I want to know more and would definitely love to see her home. There's a great article over at T Magazine if you want to read more.

DIY wedding favours

We all know that weddings can be expensive.  I recently got married (on Saturday!) and I found many ways to cut costs without sacrificing the look I wanted for the day.  We created our own wedding favours and I couldn't be happier with the results.  It added a touch of personality and also aligned with our rustic vibe.  

One afternoon we took a trip to Burlington to meet an older gentleman who supplies big box retailers with different plants.  How I found him, I don't quite remember - but I somehow got lucky and managed to score an amazing deal.

We purchased 3 lots of plants, which was more than enough for our wedding guests.  He also sold us the white plastic pots which were the perfect size.  All we had to do was purchase some extra mix, pebbles/gravel and replant them closer to our wedding date. 

A small piece of burlap, held together with a ribbon and tag was all it needed.  Simple and beautiful.  What do you think? - Amy

inspired by - bathrooms

As we just moved into a new little house, Im trying to put together our new space and create something that feels like home. I realize the room I've always neglected is the bathroom! For some reason, I have never really put much effort into it. This time, I want to make it feel good. Here are a few inspiring ideas I've found, maybe they will inspire you too! Have you ever thought of adding simple touches like a few pieces of art, a bunch of plants or great shelving in your bathroom? -Stephanie

1.Via Vtwonen 2. Via House to Home

3. Via designlovefest’s instagram 4. Via apartment therapy

5. Via byggfabriken 6.Honeycomb studio via Houzz