Designer Consultations at Elte MKT

I've been on both sides of the table on this one and I can tell you there is nothing better than being able to talk through your design ideas with someone who knows what they are talking about. If you live in the Toronto area, Elte MKT is hosting design consultations on April 30th from 10am - 4pm with three up and coming designers: Alisa Bresver, Louise Heggie and Jenna Cadieux

Bring your floor plans, paint swatches, furniture selections and inspiration images and let these talented designers help you out. A waiting list is already in effect so get your name on it fast!

Planning a girl's bedroom

It's been a long time since I have undertaken any kind of renovation project in my home. As my three year-old daughter turns four it is time to transform the nursery into a bedroom that will hopefully take her into her teens. A few weeks ago we took down the wallpaper tree that adorned her walls (I probably received more emails about where to buy that tree than anything else in my house) and now I'm starting to plan what will come next. If my daughter was left to her own devices she would have Rapunzel on one wall and dolphins on the other so I've had to step in to help steer the ship. I'm trying to balance her desires with mine. First, the inspiration.

Miranda Brooks rooms for her daughters, Poppy and Violette Grey have long been my favourites. The wallpaper by Marthe Armitage is ridiculously expensive and nothing else I found has quite matched it. Beyond the wallpaper, the wrought-iron beds, rug and rather haphazard nature of the rooms has always inspired. 

This sweet child, is the daughter of model, Stella Tennant. It's a very traditional take on a little girl's bedroom.

And here's a more modern take on the same idea with some brighter colours. The otomi bedspread on this girl's bed is really appealing to me as are all the baskets because the one thing I know we are short on is storage space.

Blue Skies

We’re slowly starting to get a taste of real Spring weather here in Toronto and I couldn’t be more excited. For me, Spring is all about cleaning and starting fresh. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over soft blue hues and I’ve pulled together some of my favourite images below. What colour has you excited this Spring? - Amy.