Every fall I tell myself that I’m going to splurge on a beautiful camel coat but for some reason, it never happens. Fall always seems to creep up on me and I find it difficult to shop for my frame (under 5 ft!). I also tend to be super picky when it comes to the structure and the material of coats so that’s another reason why I haven’t yet found the one. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite inspiration images below. Do you have a favourite? - Amy.

The Last Days of Summer

With the first day of fall being a week away, I can’t help but recall all the great memories I made during the past few months. My summer included many days by the water and exploring new places in Toronto and outside of Canada. From pastel hues to black and white, these colours remind me of my summer adventures. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite pairs below. - Amy. 



1. via Cereal  2. via Very Large Buildings . Art by Claire Grill

3. via & Other Stories (photo has been removed) 4. via Flickr , photo by Jim Keaton

5. via DesignSponge, photo by Rebecka Oftedal 6. via The Happiness of Style by Agneta Living 

7. via Once Wed, photo by Erich McVey 8. Easy, Not Perfect Linen 

Hepburn Mk II Radio

Radio. I'm sure it's death has been predicted a 1000 times. But to be honest, I find myself tuning into more than I do television. In fact, I turn the radio on at least once a day. Our television, on the other hand, hasn't been turned on since March when we binged-watch the fourth season of House of Cards. 

Unfortunately, the radio we had in our kitchen was losing its ability to hold a station. We'd fight through the static to find one, walk away and seconds later we'd hear the thumping base of some neighbouring radio station moving in on its turf. It became a losing battle so the radio just didn't get turned on.

Then I got my hands on a British radio by a brand called VQ. They design and engineer all of their radios in the English countryside (which is pretty rare for an audio company). Above all else, I was searching for a radio that would look on our countertops. You can't take the designer out of me! I chose the Hepburn Mk II which has some retro-styling but is also very subtle and elegant. It also has really great sound and has two speakers unlike a lot of other smaller radios on the market.

It is also has bluetooth capabilities (with a USB port for charging your phone) for when we want to have a spontaneous dance party in  the kitchen which is more or less everyday with a four-year-old. Come Tuesday morning, when the kids head off to school and we go back to work it will be a little easier with the radio on in the background.

The Hepburn Mk II is available at Amazon, Best Buy, Centre HiFi, Indigo, Hudson's Bay, Son-X-Plus, Wal-Mart and leading independent stockists.

Ed. note: This blog post was sponsored by brand partner VQAs always, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Thank you for supporting my partners!