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the friday files – wedding edition


Oh weddings! Part of me is really happy I don’t have to plan a wedding in this day and age while the other part of me daydreams about what I would do the second time around! It seems in recent years, that weddings have become even more stylized and designed with meticulously thought out themes, colour palettes, and exquisitely thought out details. I think the pressure of planning the “perfect” wedding would throw me over the edge!

My own wedding was a fairly small affair, only 50 people. We got married on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with towering old-growth trees overhead in a small seaside town called Tofino. I wore a simple, satin white column dress while my husband laughed it up in a lavender jacket and striped Paul Smith shirt. I remember taking my florist photographs of lichen and moss covered rocks and woody ferns and pieces of driftwood. I wanted the wedding to feel like it fit the location. She kindly obliged me with centerpieces made of maidenhead ferns, vases ringed with moss covered necklaces and the most beautiful cascading bouquet of white orchids. It was beautiful, small and intimate.

I think if I was to do it a second time I would go downtown chic. I’d get married at city hall in a spectacularly cut suit with a tilted hat and short veil covering my eyes, followed by an intimate dinner and an early morning flight the next day to a amazing destination!

How about you? Do you have fond memories of your own wedding or dreams about the one you’re planning?


Image Credits:
1- Dewey Nicks
2- Jessica Claire via Style Me Pretty
3 – Jason Schmidt
4- Cecil Beaton
5 – Anne Menke
6 – Pamela Hanson
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52 objects – no.17


Do you fall into the “can’t get enough of the royal wedding” camp or the “can’t wait for it to be over” camp? I have to admit I feel somewhat isolated from all the hoopla. We got rid of cable last summer and without a television I’m a little bit behind on all the media coverage. My greatest source of information is twitter, strangely enough! I’m still trying to decide if I will get up in the middle of the night and go to a friend’s house to watch it. I am kind of curious to see how they modernize the wedding and of course I want to see the dress. I remember being woken up in the middle of night to watch Princess Diana’s wedding and I think I would be disappointed if I didn’t do the same again.

In honour of the upcoming nuptials, I thought this was a fitting object to talk about today.

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bedroom revealed (pretty much!)


I wouldn’t call this a fait accompli but it is pretty darn close – close enough that I’m happy to share a few photos with you all today. After two months of painting and planning and searching and shopping and sourcing our bedroom now looks like this:

It’s quite a switch from our former bedroom! The moment we started painting over the dark grey paint with this softer,  lighter putty colour (Benjamin Moore’s Baby Fawn) the entire room opened up. It was like we suddenly had light in there again.

You might remember that I was hoping to achieve a relaxed, layered look with lots of organic elements. I knew the biggest change we had to make was to our bedframe. Luckily, I met a talented, local craftsman named Dawson around the same time. Dawson was instrumental in pulling together Rachel and Paul’s country house which I showed you here a few weeks ago. When I talked to him about making us a new headboard he told me about these huge reclaimed Douglas Fir barn beams he had in his studio/barn. I fell in love with the idea of having a bedframe made out of them. I sent him a few inspiration images and some dimensions and a few weeks later the bedframe arrived. I was so happy with it that I later asked him to make a small bench for the foot of the bed out of the same wood. (You’ll also notice that the Spanish Moss knob from Anthropologie got the nod!)

Rather than pushing the organic motif too far, I chose to throw an old, crusty chandelier into the mix. As you can see from the first shot, our bedroom has an old Victorian fireplace which is quite ornate and elaborate. This 6-arm French chandelier (which I got for a steal!) speaks to the architecture of the room and makes the whole space a little more interesting. (You might even call it my wart or “ugly” piece.) I’d still like to add some scissor arm wall lights to the sides of the bed but I’m waiting to find the right ones. One day, I’d also like to replace that emerald green tile with something a little more subtle but that’s a whole other project!

I was also originally thinking of adding some soft, aqua pillows into the mix but then I remembered that I had these ones down in the basement that I made from an old, worn rug. Since my mandate from the beginning was to reuse and recycle whatever I could I thought I should give them a try.  On a quick trip to West Elm, I found a selection of cushions made from repurposed cotton sari’s in warm shades of coral, mustard yellow and warm grey that completed the look and sealed the deal.

Finally, I found the round, wooden side table at a vintage store in Orono. It is actually an old cheese box that would have been used to age le fromage! It’s the perfect height for the side of the bed and even gives us a bit of extra storage space.

Looking back on all these images, I think I came fairly close to what I was hoping to achieve. I warmed up the overall tone of the room by adding the warm metals – gold, bronze and brass and by adding the coral pillows. I’m sure over the coming weeks I will play around with everything a bit more until I get it just right but for now I’m pretty satisfied!


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52 objects – no.16


Is it here yet? The long weekend. I have so much to accomplish and I’m really looking forward to having four days off in a row. It will be Project Central around here: finishing off the bedroom, touching up the paint in the bathroom, dying some easter eggs with Henry, and maybe even tackling the yard if the weather cooperates. Do you have any projects you hope to finish over the weekend? Do tell! I’ll be back here on Tuesday, fingers crossed, with a reveal of our new bedroom. I really hope that brass candle holder I ordered arrives soon!

I’m leaving you with object number 16 out of 52. It’s one of my favorites and something that friends always ask me about when they visit my home. Happy weekend everyone!



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